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Pet Owner's Name

John Medici

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John Medici

Publishing Date

Sunday September 18, 2022

Death Date

September 2022



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Willie Goodbye. I said Good bye to my beloved Willie last night. Absolutely breaks me. He had a recent issue with a terrible spider bite that infected his head above the eye. So wasn't groomed yet. He had a grooming appointment this week. Sadly, he suffered what looked like a life ending seizure. I found him yelping. Unexpected. I have his momma Emma. Sadly, I must also say good bye to her soon. Emma is expected. Willie was not. I will miss him terribly. His crazy excitement during blind. He would wrestle his toys with me. Explore everywhere and can't see. His energy, joy of being alive was inspirational. Made me happy during terrible times. His history has been the runt of the litter of 3 boys. He had all the odd stuff happen to him but always happy. A rascal every day. He has been blind the last 2-1/2 years due to diabetes. Gave him insulin shots 2x a day. And he still liked me ! I will miss him terribly. Goodbye Willie. Enjoy the run with full vision and energy with your before pals Zoe, Zsolte. And say hi to my past beloved pooches and other family pets Max, Scotty, Salty, Pudge, Gerty, Simeon, Jeffery, Dusty, and the pets of my childhood. Run Willie, Run, We'll see each other again someday

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