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Michelle Massie

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Tuesday July 21, 2020

Death Date

July 2020



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God called you home today... 20’years ago, July 3rd. Momma was in labor. 3 kittens popped out with ease, then the runt was stuck!!! I pulled you out, cleaned you off, let you nurse, then you were mine ❤️ so small, curled in the palm of my hand. Black and white and always pushed away by your siblings, you stayed with me every moment you could. Dyna, that’s what I named you. Tiny and adorable, sweet and we needed each other. We moved into my first little apartment, then I became pregnant. You stayed with me, the only one feeling her kicks, laying beside me through morning sickness, and cuddling when I cried. Your kisses were so sweet! We had such a bond. You laid in the bassinet, guarding, not letting anyone touch the baby. Then it was your turn! We made a spot in my closet, your favorite, for your kittens! You raced to get me when it was time. You ‘spoke’ to me as you were in labor, I helped you push and clean up your babies. You climbed up me and sat on my shoulders when I did dishes and cooked. I would yell ‘get the buggy’ and would you would come running to attack whatever bug I was scared of. We’re we so happy. We moved, you were kidnapped! Had your leg ripped almost off! Found you, and they stole you again!!! I snatched you back and took you to my sisters, I fell into a deep hole, for 7 years you stayed with her, only seeing me on visits. Finally I won my battle and I was back for good! We were reunited and it was like no time had past. Now 7 years later, you are 20, and too weak to stand. I failed at life, and you are suffering for that. I’m sorry I didn’t see the signs soon enough to help you. You are crying out in pain and reaching for me. Your frail little body is shutting down and I cannot afford to help you. I would take on your pains in a heartbeat, so you could lay peacefully and return to your maker. I love you Dyna. You were my best friend, my first baby and nothing can replace or come close to the bond and love we shared. I miss your kisses, meows, and crazy zooms around the room. You loved your little mouse toy. It’s all that remains left of you. I hate the world where you are not there when I walk in the door, I just miss you Dyna, but I am happy your suffering has to come to an end. I was the first and last face you saw, touch you felt, voice you heard. With you from your first breath to your last. I gave you my heart, and I will cherish yours all of my days. I keep hearing you meow and purr. I automatically call your name when I walk in my room or step outside in the evening. I know to most your are ‘just a cat’ but we knew you were SO much more. From the time I was 18 to almost 40, we shared a lifetime. I miss you SO much and feel such a void in my heart, in my life. I will picture you laying in a field of tall grass, rolling around, loving the sun on your face. Rest peacefully my Dyna ‘missy doodle bit’ baby. I will always and forever love you and keep you in my heart. Thank you Dyna, for your love and companion, an angel sent from heaven. ❤️?❤️ until we meet again ❤️?❤️. - [ ]

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