In Loving Memory Of


Rest In Peace

Pet Owner's Name

Leslie Knisley

Contributed By

Leslie Knisley

Publishing Date

Monday July 27, 2020

Death Date

April 2013


25 years old

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I got Whitney when she was four months of age we put many many many miles out on trail rides in different states and we couldn’t have had a better time those were the best in our lives. If winning lived forever it wouldn’t have been long enough. She left this world way too soon at 25 years old. Her passing was the hardest thing I had been through although only a few months before she passed I suffered from a severe sub arachnoid hemorrhage and then to make matters worse my brain swelled so they had to drill a hole in my skull. As a result of that I had permanent brain damage. However even with that damage I never forgotAll the great times Winnie and I had. I still have pictures around the house and the love and pictures of all that I have in her heart will never go away. Wini my girl you are with me forever

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