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Pet Owner's Name

Heather Tisdale

Contributed By

Heather Tisdale

Publishing Date

Wednesday June 26, 2019

Death Date

April 2019



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Tigga was given to me as a kitten & I took care of him right up till this date .As he progressed he was enjoying life as back then I had a garden then I moved & he got use to the area that I lived in always out & about even got on with my neighbors male cat. From time to time during the 12 yrs. I had him, he was throwing up his food I just thought he was not liking his food but he became very lethargic & not wanting to out so often. I took him to the vet & they told me about an infection that he had called Feline infectious peritonitis this virus I hadn’t known about & the vet wanted to do some tests this is when I couldn’t afford the vet bill so sent me to another who could help, they ran tests & came up with this disease, & advise me to have him put down . Since I didn’t want him to suffer any more I allowed it to go ahead . When I went back after a long journey to see him before " I had said I want him to be cremated " I also asked for some of his fur. I saw him with a blanket around him, his eyes barley open & I was crying because I really missed him I kissed his head & I let them take him ,that date will always be special to me & infect I feel his presence at night when I go to bed he will be with me till I go my way . So, for now ,rest in peace Tigga I really loved you & miss you dearly. I hope you are happy where you are, playing with all other animals every day.

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