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Rest In Peace

Pet Owner's Name

Uwe Krueger

Contributed By

Uwe Krueger

Publishing Date

Monday August 30, 2021

Death Date

August 22, 2021


20 years 2 months

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Sasha past away a week ago, her heart slowly stopping, she was 20 years and 2 months old. We spent as much or more time with each other over those 20 years then with any other living being. Every morning she waited at the foot of the bed for us to awake. If we were late to rise she raked the blinds to get us up. Once up she rolled on the carpet with joy then followed us to the kitchen for her morning meal. The birds and squirrels at the window always were greeted with kitty chirps but the spiders and flies in the house were not so lucky. When ever I returned home from being out she would headbutt me and wait for pets and treats. After dinner was always lap time and every night she would chase me to the bed. Lola and I will miss little Sasha probably more then we can even feel right now. She will never be forgotten. Sasha we love you forever!!!

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