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Rest In Peace

Pet Owner's Name

Christine Schmid

Contributed By

Christine Schmid

Publishing Date

Monday June 3, 2019

Death Date

May 2019



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I didn’t know that 2019 would be such a huge loss. Meatball, and (Ellie) were the best pair of dogs. I am devastated at the loss of my two dogs in one week due to cancer. This time has been so hard for me since it happened so fast. I have been crying for 2 weeks. Meatball came from The Humane Society in really bad shape. I brought him home fixed him up and he became famous at Midwestern University for Companion Animals. He went through a few surgeries and fought back like a Champ. When they found the tumor on his heart, my best buddy couldn't fight back from that. I would have given him mine if it were possible! Thank you Meatball for the Beautiful memories and joy you brought into my life every day. You were my source of laughter and love. You will never be forgotten. ?

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